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Awaken your Passion and Purpose

I invite you to take the time to read through the different sections and trust you will find something that sparks your interest and opens you to seek and learn more about the magic that is you to…

With grace and gratitude,

Soul Women Travelers Blog

I am an avid traveller, and have been traveling since I was a child. Having seen much of my birth country; Australia whilst growing up, and then expanding my horizons across the globe. You can read more about my travels, and the experiences that filled my heart with joy, and a journey that changed the course of my life, through the Soul Women Travelers blog. My hope is that you find the blogs interesting, insightful and bring inspiration to visit other parts of our shared world that I feel can open your heart.

Meeting and connecting with people from all cultures, eating wonderful local food, exploring and soaking up remarkable history, and admiring the animal kingdom and appreciating the beauty found in nature, is truly heart-warming and contributes to living a fulfilling life.

ASA Home Moon

Creating, reflexing or taking action are only some of the phases and flows of working in harmony with the Moon. Connect with your essential rhythm with monthly new moon guides for your Sun sign here. From New Moon to Balsamic and the flow in between, learn more.

ASA Home Globe

Gain insight about yourself as you open to your personal horoscope using the heavenly bodies. What do you need to nurture yourself; how do you  get your message across, learn more.

Browse reports available, or download your on horoscope free here.

ASA Home Astrology

Being at home within the Universe. Using your personal horoscope, this consultation is an insightful exploratory and personalised aromatic astrology healing experience that provides clarity and connection with your Soul’s purpose.

Combining the practices of vibrational energy healing and essential oils to support changing emotions and maintaining wellness and good health.

My passion, my purpose, my commitment to you.

More about what I do and why I provide my services to you.

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