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About Marilyn

Hello and Welcome to A Soul Awakening

I am Marilyn, your advocate for claiming your passion and purpose.

Thank you for dropping by to read and learn more about me and the services I provide.


There is no more profound or more challenging question than how we will live our lives. How to live a life of greatness, filled with passion and purpose. You don’t have to be Alexander Graham Bell, who was first to be awarded a patent for the electric telephone back in 1876, or Thomas Edison for the light bulb in 1879; feed the poor in the streets of towns and cities across India; or to be the youngest women to successfully sail solo around the world, to make a remarkable difference in the world. You need to be you and claim your passion and purpose.

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I started my life journey as an average Aussie kid growing up in Brisbane, Australia. I was always captivated by the stars in the night sky and the mysterious patterns they make. Watching the shape of the Moon come and go. The esoteric wonders and mythology. Looking up to the night sky became a regular past time, that continues.

Life got interesting around the age of 16, when I saw the life ahead of me… was one I didn’t want. I tried my hand at various jobs, with none holding much interest, however having an income meant I could travel.

It was also during this time I found a strong interest and passion in understanding individuals’ personal behaviour and the factors that perpetuated this behaviour.

My passion grew along with the drive to guide and support others that led me to acquiring formal qualifications and a 20 year career as a Human Resources professional, with combined formal studies as an Adult Educator and TEFL teacher that enabled me to assist people in identifying and using their strengths in the workplace.

Working in these roles, I grew more aware of peoples learnt behaviours along with the challenges that individual styles presented. My inquisitive mind still needed answers. I turned to my childhood interests of the esoteric wonders and mythology and began formal studies in the field of Astrology…and have never looked back. I had reclaimed my passion and found my purpose.

My interpretation of Astrology is guided by my personal belief that there is a predestined order and positive intention in the Universe, that our lives have greater meaning beyond the physical. Whilst Astrology, therefore leans towards a sense of fate, indicating a pattern that was given to each of us in the beginning, as being unconscious within us; I also feel we each have an opportunity to exercise our free will and that Astrology as a tool can help facilitate our growth, awareness and healing.

Many people are unclear about what is their purpose? Ask yourself – what are your dreams and desires? What are your values? What truly matters to you? These questions and answers will help you to be in touch with your purpose.

How do you recognise your passion? Your passion will naturally energise, excite, motivate and inspire you. Does your life work really have value to others? Do you recognise self-limiting behavioural patterns?

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Astrology as a discipline can assist us in recognising our patterns and learnt behaviours and open us to seeing early influences and creation of the behaviours. Changing the patterns and behaviours can be challenging and at times an extremely stressful experience.

Having completed Aromatherapy studies in the mid-90s, I began using essential oils for therapeutic application. I learnt to use these beautiful gifts from nature as a practical tool of discovery to support emotional imbalances. Each essential oil holds a vibration, and has a vibrational signature.

In a similar way to a gift from nature, you need to know more intimately the value and purpose of your life.

During late 2016 to early 2018, I completed Aromatic Kinesiology training to further broaden my love and knowledge for essential oils and to incorporate these natural gifts into the services I provide.

A couple of years earlier my inquisitive mind again needed answers. Through insightful and interesting discussions with others regarding deeply held behavioural patterns; I made an appointment with an energy healing practitioner in late 2013 and was amazed by the profound healing qualities and practices of this discipline and have since also completed formal studies in this field.

The gentle vibrational energy healing process uses principles of kinesiology (muscle testing), a pendulum, and Vortex cards that are designed to harmonise and balance energy frequencies in the physical body and our environment, that help facilitate the release of energetic and emotional blockages from our physical and subtle bodies.

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My goal is to guide and support you to acknowledging and embracing the incredible magic that is you. Together, with Astrology, essential oils and energy therapy I am able to give you – choice; the choice to better understand who you are, and make better choices that align with your personal passion and purpose. Step up and step forward.

Are you open and ready to take the step?

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