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Carl Jung is also credited with noting “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate.” – Carl Jung

There is plenty of evidence available to show that we humans have been fascinated by the heavens …
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Sample a number of FREE reports or select from a number of customized reports and open yourself to the wonders that lay within.

Spend time reading through the pages of an inspirational Astrology book, that captures your interest.

New to Astrology?

Gain a basic understanding of your zodiac (Sun) sign temperament.

Under development

Gain an understanding of your emotional health and spiritual essence with a personalised Health and Wellness Report using your horoscope.

Connect with the Goddesses within, with a personalised Goddess Report using your horoscope.

Current Planetary Positions

See where the Sun, the Moon and other planetary bodies are today, in real time for your personal location and learn about what the energies mean for you.

In Harmony with the Moon…

Yearly Moon Calendar

Are you interested in finding flow and harmony?

I encourage you to start tracking the cycle of the Moon, and witness what happens in your body, mind and feelings. Decide for yourself. Start by downloading your FREE Moon Calendar

Moon Phases

Learn more about the eight Moon Phases and how to create flow, balance and harmony in your life.

Monthly New Moon Guides

Each months New Moon guide provides the astrologicial insights for the coming month. The astrologicial house that the New Moon is taking place for you (based on you Sun (zodiac) sign, suggested ideas and a four page section for you to use a journal whilst working in harmony with each of the moon phases.

New Moon Practice

The practice contained in the New Moon guide focuses firstly on connecting with self, others and the wider world, and secondly on creating a life of balance, harmony and fulfillment.

FREE Online New Moon Manifestation

Join us each month for a FREE online New Moon Manifestation meditation and learn more about the practice of aligning your intentions in harmony with the Moon.

New & Full Moon Rituals
New Moon Newsletter

Learn more about the eight Moon Phases and how to create flow, balance and harmony in your life. Download here.

Lunar Return Report

What influences and guidance does your lunar return offer each month?

Personal Development a Soul Awakening Home Page

Are you open and ready to learn more about your passion and purpose?

Let’s Connect

Mentoring and Consultations available through Skype.

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