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Goddess Report

A Goddess Report is a wonderful introduction to twelve of the Greco-Roman Goddess, their mythology along with the placement and interpretation  of each of the twelve Goddesses in your personal horoscope.

The Goddess Report is popular with women, however also provides insightful interpretation for men.

Open yourself to understanding and connecting with these twelve Goddesses to enrich, guide and support you to unlocking the magic and possibilities that is uniquely you.

Twelve Greco-Roman Goddesses include:

  • Ceres – the Earth Mother
  • Pallas Athene – the Wisdom of the Warrior
  • Juno – Socialising the Soul
  • Vesta – the Inner Life
  • Hygieia – the Soul of Health
  • Ariadne – the Labyrinth of the Soul
  • Europa – the Soul of the Earth
  • Pandora – a Gift of Hope
  • Mnemosyne – the Soul of Memory
  • Hecate – the Soul in Transition
  • Cassandra – the Prophetic Soul
  • Medea – Herbalist and Healer 

View a full Goddess sample report of Kylie Minogue (pdf file)

To order your Goddess report, please complete the required information here and allow for 48 hours to receive once you’ve placed your order. Through the checkout process you can select from the prices noted (in the order form), or choose what you would like to pay.