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Current Planetary Positions

Current Planetary Placements

Each moment of every day the Sun, the Moon and other planetary bodies are moving at their own pace and making connects to each other. These connections are known as aspects.

The Current Planetary Position illustration is shown in real time in your personal location, for every day, throughout the day. What does this mean for you?

To begin with, the current planetary positions displays the positions of the sun, the moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron, and the North Node in the zodiac signs. Looking from left to right, the information shows the planet’s name, the degree of zodiac sign, zodiac sign glyph/symbol, zodiac sign name, the minute of degree, and the second of degree. The information also denotes when a planet is in retrograde motion and indicated by a capital ‘R’.

It’s important to note that the sun and the moon are never retrograde. It’s also important to note, that the 12 celestial bodies shown are referred to as “planets” purely for the purpose of convenience.

Each zodiac sign glyph/symbol is shown by colour in reference to their element: fire signs are red; earth signs are green; air signs are yellow; and water signs are blue. You can read a general understanding of the elements and the basic zodiac sun sign temperament here.

The information that follows is purely an insight in how to read the current planetary positions, it is not an introduction to Astrology. That would take a lot longer. As an example the sun may be shown as 16 ° Gemini 23’ 36”. What does this mean for me I hear you say, I’m not a Gemini? Each of us have all twelve zodiac signs in our personal horoscope.

Back to the illustration and what it means for you when the sun is in Gemini. For this information, you’ll need your personal horoscope. You can download your FREE horoscope here.

Look for the Gemini glyph/symbol to see the house that Gemini is ruling. The following is a general introduction and meaning of each of the 12 houses:

  • 1st house – the individual personality and house of life
  • 2nd house – your values, self worth; possessions and money
  • 3rd house – communication, learning styles and short journeys
  • 4th house – home, ancestral roots, origins and cultural
  • 5th house – creativity, birthing new ideas, self expression and romance
  • 6th house – daily routines, rituals, health and wellbeing, acts of service and small pets
  • 7th house – relationships of all kinds, sharing and companionship, enemies and rivals
  • 8th house – shared finances, property, inheritance, sexual bonding and intimacy
  • 9th house – beliefs, philosophies, morals, higher learning, overseas travel and study
  • 10th house – long term goals, career, life purpose, parental authority, and legacy
  • 11th house – friendships, peer/social groups, aspirations and activism, collective goals
  • 12th house – looking within, selfless service, karma, fate, seed of rebirth and awakenings

The sun in Gemini is shining its light in one of the houses listed above. This being the area of your life where you are speaking and communicating your message to another, or others and shining brightly.

For each of the celestial bodies illustrated, look to the house the zodiac sign is ruling to gain an understanding of the area of your life that the planetary energy is activating.

For a more personalised and greater understanding of the planets in your horoscope and what this means for you, book a free discovery call. I look forward to discussing opportunities and supporting you with gaining a greater understanding of yourself and how Astrology can guide you to achieving your personal goals, your passion and your purpose.

For clients who have worked with me and completed my Natal Astrology Mentoring program, use the 35 oracle card deck and your workbook to gain a clearer insight as to what the planet, zodiac and house placement is guiding you to see.

Current Planetary Positions

Sun 04° Libra 24' 50"
Moon 10° Aquarius 19' 05"
Mercury 29° Libra 42' 45"
Venus 23° Leo 16' 58"
Mars 26° Aries 02' 29" R
Jupiter 17° Capricorn 43' 25"
Saturn 25° Capricorn 20' 27" R
Uranus 09° Taurus 59' 22" R
Neptune 19° Pisces 07' 58" R
Pluto 22° Capricorn 30' 01" R
Chiron 07° Aries 17' 02" R
TrueNode 23° Gemini 49' 06" R
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