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Lunar Return Report

What is a Lunar Return report? This report is a monthly chart that shows the exact same position of the Moon in the heavens as the date of your birth. It’s like a monthly lunar birthday, and outlines the planetary positions and patterns (aspects) for the coming month, for you.

What does a lunar return tell you about yourself? The Moon will always be in the same sign and position as at your birth, however the inner (also known as personal, including the Moon) planets – the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars will change positions from month to month. As will the outer planets, of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Therefore, a lunar return report describes:

* your temperament, as influenced by the zodiac sign and house placement.

* your vitality; the Suns zodiac sign, house placement and planetary aspects.

* your communication needs; Mercury’s house placement and planetary aspects.

* your drive and determination; house placements for Mars and Saturn, and any planetary aspects.

* your social needs; house placements for Venus and Jupiter, and any planetary aspects.

It’s important to realise that a lunar return report is like a snapshot and gives insights as to what you can anticipate during a particular month based on the planetary positions, and aspects that will change from month to month. The house placements of planets are of particular importance, as is the zodiac sign on the ascendant.

Each lunar return report provides personal guidance and supports your continued growth each month.

To purchase your lunar return report, please complete the required information here. You can select from the prices noted, or chose what you would like to pay.