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Registration – New Moon Manifestation Meditation

A Soul Awakening LogoHi,

Thank you for stopping by.

Please complete the below information and tick the box for your preferred location date and time for the upcoming New Moon manifestation/mediation practice.

To participate you’ll need to download the New Moon Guide for your Sun sign (zodiac), and choose the price you would like to pay from as little as a gold coin for the guide.

The New Moon guide provides you with:

  • what’s happening in the heavens during the coming Moon cycle,
  • the astrological house in focus for you, based on your Sun sign (zodiac), and suggested  things to do for the coming four week cycle,
  • a New Moon ritual, and
  • how to work with each of the eight Moon phases.

Each New Moon begins a new cycle, an opportunity for a fresh start. It’s a time to refocus and recalibrate your energies and to set your intentions for the Moon cycle.

Once you’ve completed this form, I’ll send you an email with the Skype invite link (please note: you do not need to have a Skype account to participate).

Thank you for registrating. I look forward to connecting with you soon.

With love, grace and gratitude.