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A Soul Awakening Newsletter

Make yourself a cuppa, and time for you.

Each month the New Moon Newsletters provides astrological insights for the coming four weeks of the Moon cycle.

You can track the Moons cycle as she travels throughout the year by downloading the yearly FREE Moon Calendar for your location here. Learn more about the eight Moon phases and the practice of flowing in harmony with the Moon here. Or join us each month for the online New Moon Manifestation practice, offered through Skype (an no, you don’t need a Skype account to participate), please register here.  You’ll need to download the New Moon Guide for your Sun sign (zodiac), here each month to participate in the New Moon Manifestation practice.

A monthly Moon ritual practice is also included in the New Moon Newsletter, to start you on journey for the coming New Moon cycle.

From time to time, the newsletter will also provide special offers that are only open to newsletter subscribers. Including, mini Astrology Consultation, an opportunity to gain a greater understanding of you through Aligning with Astrology Mentoring Program, and free monthly giveaways that could include a personalised Luna Return report, a personalised Goddess report, or a personalised Health and Wellness report. 

Ready to awaken your soul and learn more about the magic that is you?