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Being a Leo or your Ascendant is Leo:

As a Leo Sun sign, you are the fifth astrological sign in the zodiac. This also makes you the second Fire sign and the second Fixed sign. The Sun is your ruler and represented by the 5th house – ‘I radiate’.

Your psychological nature is powerful and full of self-confidence. You are a leader whose strength and nobleness command your entourage’s respect and adherence, with unchallenged legitimacy. Your ability to order, the prestige and charisma that emanate continuously from your person, inevitably put you under the spotlight, wherever you go.

You are proud, determined, strong-willed, loyal, solemn, generous, ambitious, courageous, heroic, conquering, creative, confident, seductive, happy, daring, fiery, majestic, honest, magnanimous, charismatic, responsible, noble, dramatic but also domineering, vain, susceptible, bossy, stubborn, intolerant, self-centred, violent, quick-tempered, nonchalant.

Foods you like, meat and especially red meat, rice, honey, cereals, grapes, iron-rich vegetables: watercress, spinach etc. You’re also likely to enjoy the herbal and aromatics tastes of saffron, mint and rosemary.

In the body: Leo governs the heart and the spine.