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Essential Oils for the Soul

“Smell is a potent wizard that transports us across thousands of miles and all years we have lived.” – Helen Kellar

To feel truly well and healthy, we acknowledge the need to maintain a healthy diet, regular exercise and ensure plenty of restful sleep. We also need to be conscious of the choices we make about the products we use and come in contact with to minimise the many toxins our bodies must cope with and be proactive about managing stresses and balancing emotions. Working with our emotions can be a day to day…and at times a moment to moment action, the gifts of nature, known as essential oils are a supportive and powerful compliment to addressing emotional imbalances and invoking desirable emotions, thus contributing to maintaining wellness and good health.

I incorporate essential oils in my business practices of Astrology, including New Moon meditation; Women’s Circles, vibrational energy healing and Aromatic Kinesiology practices, in addition to daily personal uses.

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Personal use: Looking to nurture and nourish your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing and like to know more about essential oils for your personal use. Please reach out…let’s connect.

Personal & Professional Use: Those who have an affinity for health/wellness and spiritual practice and contributing to financial security can opt enrol as an (Aust/NZ) Wellness Advocate, or (European/UK) Independent Product Consultant, and also create an income. If you are interested to learn more, and would like to discuss how you can incorporate into existing business practices, please contact me and I can provide the contact name and details of someone who can assist you.

Ready to incorporate the beautiful gifts from nature brought to you by dōTERRA essential oils?

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