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New Moon Guides

During the New Moon phase there is no Moon light in the night sky, a place of darkness to reflect on the passing moon cycle, and a time for clarity and reconnection with your inner knowing, combining the five senses; sight, sound, touch, smell and hearing. The New Moon is an ideal time to set your intentions, to create your vision of the way you wish to experience yourself; your life; your relationships and experiences. To plant the seeds; to create and manifest your dreams and desires for the future.

During each New Moon phase the Moon is positioned in one of the twelve astrological houses based on your Sun sign. The New Moon guides for each Sun sign, provide you with an understanding of the house placement, information on essential oils that support your spiritual practice and suggestions related to the house, along with the practice and principles behind the natural Law of Intention and Desire as described by Deepak Chopra MD. Understanding the house placement also provides you with insight into the present emotions of life, allowing you to appreciate your individual feelings and personal situation.Write a list of your intentions or desires for the future; maybe in your journal. Create a vision board. Be a creative as creative as you choose to be. Then read your intentions out to the Universe than either throw out your list, or set aside to check in at the Full Moon phase to see what you have manifested. Then follow up at the next New Moon phase.

Then for the essential part…

Really, really… really FEEL how you would/will feel is an when your intentions come true. Hold this feeling/s.

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