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New Moon Meditation

In harmony with the Moon

The New Moon brings both a time to reflect on the passing moon phases, and a time for clarity and manifestation of our intentions and dreams for the future. As the moon begins a new cycle, it is a time to recharge and recalibrate our energies for the month ahead.

We invite you to connect with your own heart and tune in to your true soul desires and dreams. You will be guided through a live New Moon Meditation and supported to expand your subconscious mind to visualise and set your intentions and desires for the moon phases ahead. Through the practice of meditation the body is brought into a state of relaxation and awareness, allowing our thoughts and desires to flow freely from our highest self. Notice how you feel as you connect to your own natural feelings and physical body, to set your intentions for the moon phases ahead.

Throughout the meditation you will also be invited to further harness the benefits of the New Moon energy, by working with supporting essential oils, chosen based upon your individual sun sign. If you would like to incorporate the powerful and rich properties of essential oils during the meditation, we invite you to purchase your New Moon guide here. The New Moon guides available monthly for each sun sign, provide you with information on essential oils that will support your spiritual practice during the New Moon phase, as well as an understanding of the astrological house represented within the particular New Moon cycle. Understanding the house placement provides us with insight to the present emotions of life, allowing us to appreciate our individual feelings and situation at hand. Essential oils allow us to further align in the present, and to connect intrinsically to the emotional and spiritual aspects of our inner soul and the moon cycles. They are gifts from nature that not only assist us to find clarity and direction, but provide powerful benefits to our emotional and physical health and well being.

Are you ready to be guided and supported towards achieving your dreams and creating your vision for the future? Register HERE.

We invite you to register each month and join us for the New Moon Meditation, where you will be supported to set your intentions and to cultivate self-awareness and self-love during the New Moon cycle.

Click your Sun sign below to purchase this month’s New Moon Guide:













Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star

– W Clement Stone