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Kindness of Others

  • Jul142019
    Alexander Nevsky Cathedral Sofia Bulgaria

    Bulgaria – Land of Wonders & Aromatic Rose Valley


    When the Universe presents a welcome opportunity to spend a week in Bulgaria, taking in the sights and sharing the…

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  • Mar252019

    Colours of Barcelona


    It’s a long haul flight from the Southern to the Northern hemisphere, a journey that I have completed many, many…

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  • Mar112019
    Camino de Santiago

    Counting My Blessings


    Leaving León and learning the tumultuous history that peppers this expansive independent region of Spain and reflecting on the moments since…

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  • Feb252019
    Camino de Santiago

    Time in Quiet Reflection

    No Comments

    A short wait at Sahagún train station…  The towns outer landscape and slower, quieter pace has much to offer. The stirring…

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  • Feb112019
    Camino de Santiago

    Seeing Yourself in Others


    “It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey the matters in the end” …

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  • Jan282019
    Camino de Santiago - Burgos Cathedral

    Present Moments


    There are many and varied markings showing the way through the hamlets, towns and cities as you walk ‘the way’.…

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  • Jan142019
    Camino de Santiago

    One Step after Another


    We are all part of the one collective…and we are collectively awakening to a new spiritual age with a thirst…

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