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Soul Travel

Hello and Welcome

Marilyn - Soul Women Travelers PageI’m often asked why did I start a travel blog!

I am an avid traveler, and have been traveling since I was a child. Having seen much of my birth country – Australia whilst growing up, I then expanded my horizons to travel across the globe.

I started my travel blog following a personal Soul Awakening journey walking the Camino de Santiago, in Northern Spain. A journey that opened my heart in so many ways. A journey that awakened a deep knowing that my love and passion with Astrology was set to change the course of my life. A journey that saw me relocating to Greece, and now living live in Crete.

You can read more about My Soul Awakening journey, and travels to other countries around the world. Travels that have filled my heart with joy, through meeting and connecting with people from all cultures, eating wonderful local food, exploring and soaking up remarkable ancient history, and admiring the animal kingdom along with appreciating the beauty found in nature. Truly heart-warming experiences that have contributed to enriching and living a fulfilling life.

I regularly add new travel posts as and when time permits, so I invite you to subscribe below and receive new posts as they become available.

You can following my journeys through the IG gallery below or find me on FB.

The world map is an interaction design allowing you to hover over different country locations that I have visited and written about my travels there. My hope is that you find these Soul Travel journey’s interesting, insightful and bring inspiration to visit other parts of our shared world that I feel will open your heart.

Sharing my love for travel in amazing destinations around the world and my personal Soul Awakening journeys.