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Rose Goddess Awakening Retreat

Join us for the Rose Goddess Awakening Retreat where we invite you to open your consciousness and be willing to let go, to grow and to learn. Through our supportive guidance, we open the door for you to step forth into a new journey of discovery, energetic vibration and growth. As we learn to be open and to trust, have faith and let go we surrender to our ability and know that the answers are within us. Through awakening our conscious mind and our willingness to learn and evolve authentically within ourselves, our minds become quiet and our destiny and direction unfolds.

The Sisterhood of the Rose is seen today as a reuniting of the Divine Feminine power, where it’s members provide healing and connection to those willing to open their hearts and thoughts to the magic of intuition and the power of the feminine. Through visualisations, meditations, journaling, life alignment, astrology, essential oils, oracle cards and the unity of the Rose Sisterhood, we will let go of emotional blocks and rediscover ourselves, allowing our energy to become clear and the answers to be heard. As we unlock the subconscious mind and feel safe within we open to the journey of the soul and our purpose ahead.

Beginning on Tuesday, September 19, 2017, on the second day of a new moon cycle (which begins on September 20) we intentionally gather during this time of energetic vibration and planetary shifts, for nine days in the natural surrounds of Plaka, Chania Crete. We will also explore ancient ruins and sites of historical significance and spiritual journey’s throughout our time together to combine the external nature with our internal path. Our intention is for you to learn actionable steps to continue your journey forth and to recognise your own unique value within and the value your energy brings to others and those around you.

Dates: Tuesday 19 September – Wednesday 27 September 2017
Where: Plaka, Chania Crete
Cost: $1755AUD (early bird rate of $1535AUD when booked and paid by 30 June 2017)

Please note at the time of booking you will be asked to provide your birth details including date, month, year, time and location.

Throughout our evolution, the symbol of the Rose Goddess has incarnated during times of challenge and upheaval to bring healing and direction with its intention to provide connection and unification. It is through the joining of our individual talents that brings about the greatest waves of change. If you feel an intuitive calling and desire to explore and become part of the Sisterhood of the Rose we invite you to discover your inner mystic and talents and join us for the retreat.

Answer the call of your guidance, if you would like to find out more say ‘Yes’ and CLICK HERE.

A Rose is a Rose is a Rose is a Rose - Gertrude Stein