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Sacred Women's Circle

In Harmony with the Moon

The Circles of Women around us weave invisible nets of love, grace and gratitude that carry us when we’re weak and sing with us when we’re strong.

Facilitated by the Spirit of the Moon, the circle provides an empowering practice as together we enter into a Sacred Space of the Heart and connect in harmony with the Moon.

Your invitation to a magical monthly gathering of Soulful Women, connecting with the natural heavenly rhythm of the Moon as she flows through the zodiac aligning you with all your heart desires.

Join us at Solasta Cafe, Litsarda Crete each month on the New Moon 7.00 – 9.00 pm. 

Together we will connect to the breath, taking you on a blissful and peaceful meditation to find your centre and your Soul. Filling your cup through your breath will bring you a sense of overall wellness, love and you may even find a sprinkle of fun within it…allow the meditation to open you, to receive and guide you into whatever comes for you.

We all have personal indicators that remind us that we are out of balance. For me, the best way I know to support myself to re-centre and find my balance is to look up and take in the beauty of the night sky. And I don’t just mean taking a glance, I mean really looking up and soaking in the light and the wisdom that is present in the most powerful force of nature. The Moon.

The moon cycle affects the tides and affects our emotions on varying levels. When we are open to understanding the cycle of the moon we can use this knowledge to enhance our connection with her powerful influence and graciously work with her changing cycles throughout every month. Connect with the natural heavenly rhythm of the Moon energies as she flows through the zodiac each month and be supported by natures vibrational aromatic tones to align with all you heart’s desire and dreams.