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Release, Restore, Reconnect.

Vibrational Energy Healing Consultation

Our past experiences, learnt behaviour and self-perceptions create who we believe we are. Those that are negative can be deeply embedded in the mind and body and may present themselves as limiting thoughts, as physical aches and pains or as anxiety, despair and stress.

Working with permission and by priority, you are guided through a process of inquiry and reflection, to bring an awareness and understanding of an issue. Using kinesiology (muscle testing) technique to determine where the negative energy is held in the body and vibrational energy healing techniques, to release the negative energy. The vibrational energy healing techniques and tools are intended to balance, clear and realign your energy field and system and improve your body’s natural healing.

This process helps us to recognise and realign with our inner truth and awaken our intuition, by discovering the root cause of limiting beliefs and challenges in our life and releasing the affects of unresolved trauma or issues, thus assisting us to live in the present, to love and heal our body.

Consultations are conducted in person (if we’re in the same location in the world), or via Skype and are approx. 60mins.

Ready to Awaken your Soul?